Vacationer – Good As New

The first official day of Summer was last Wednesday, although it has felt warm enough to be Summer for quite some time. People are out soaking up the sun’s rays, going to swimming pools, and retreating on summer vacations. If you are like me and don’t have the time or money for a vacation this Summer, there is a close alternative. Vacationer released their first LP in late March, but I have only been able to enjoy it the past two weeks or so.

When I first heard Good As New I closed my eyes and imagined sitting on a beach chair, hearing the waves crash around me, then slowly start to float until I was flying through the clouds. Maybe this sounds crazy, maybe the medicine I’m on for my pneumonia has made me loopy, or maybe I was right on target with this. On the main page of Vacationer’s website, it says “If you could go anywhere” and then you enter a destination. They then show you retro footage of your destination with their song Trip playing in the background. My daydream wasn’t so far off, after all. It is a cool, unique experience indeed. Check it out for yourself here.

One last piece of info to throw at you before I get to the actual post; Vacationer is actually a side project of Body Language who sang You Can, one of my favorite tracks of 2011. I’ll post a SoundCloud to that below as well.

Vacationer – Good As New

Vacationer – Trip

Body Language – You Can



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